Friday, January 22, 2010

Goldman Sachs pointed Vietnam grow 8.2% in 2010

Vietnam Economics Grow
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Latest reports announced late last month of investment bank Goldman Sachs reiterated that the Vietnamese economy is recovering Although still difficult and unfortunate that may be subject. Year 2010 GDP growth could be 8.2 percent and the year 2011 could be 7.8 percent.

This level is expected to grow at high Historically, most of those international organizations. As Goldman Sachs said Recovery will be sent to Vietnam is increasing domestic demand, "depending on the policy and financial incentive programs lenient".

In quarter 3 of year 2009 GDP growth of 5.2 percent of Vietnam compared to the same period last year. Approximately equal to the average growth level of 5.3 percent of Asian Except Japan. Retail recover the equivalent of 2007 Reports also confirm that.

Monetary policy also helped lessen the level of strong investment growth. GS data illustrates that the level of government investment in the 3 quarter of 2009 increased 24 years, 800 million million of the more important source of private investment and increased signs of recovery are clear.

Comments on fiscal policy, Goldman Sachs said however policy is currently ongoing to year 2010 budget deficit ratio of GDP compared to Vietnam next year will not increase expectations that the budget deficit this year, Vietnam's minimum. will be at 9 percent.

As the Goldman Sachs report. Information economy in the 3 quarter of the year 2009 is the basis for expected growth of GDP in 2010 of Vietnam will increase at 8.2 percent level, however, Vietnam will face obstacles and inflation situation of deficit balance of debt.

Goldman Sachs, however, still believe that. Vietnam has sufficient potential for management control of this misadventure.

Source: Indo-China Education Center.


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