Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bank of China announced a 0.5% increase in cash reserves, falling Asian stock exchanges

china bank
Bank of China Headquarters, Beijing, China.

Foreign news agencies reported on 16 January that the stock market trading conditions in Asia that a side reaction of almost every country from January Effect (anomaly in the financial market where financial security prices increase in the month of January). Since the market closed in the first week to two weeks to continue. Stock Exchange, led by China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. The Thai stock index minus a little of the concerns of the red shirt demonstrators.

Thai red shirt demonstrators

Reaction has been driven by the capital flow back again. Total full year from the year 2552 with funds flow back into Asia, excluding Japan, U.S. $ 19 billion or about 6.46 billion baht, up around 20%, while capital inflows Stock Exchange of Thailand U.S. $ 1,141 million or approximately 3.8 billion million baht, the analysts continue to evaluate that. Potential capital inflows Asia remains high And continued again this year.

However, Asian stock exchanges fall on since Bank of China announced the same increase in cash. Or as liquid assets of commercial banks in China, another 0.5% to 16% by the effect on 18 January announced that moderate intensity faster than economists expected. China central bank may wait until April, the month the central bank could increase interest rates to follow in the next few months. These measurements occur simultaneously. With asset price control measures to prevent the condition in different bubble. Real estate business. And the masses of the lending banks. Have expected that. This announcement will result in payment by the yuan rise in claims and called pressure from those countries as partners in the U.S. and Europe.



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