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MahaNakhon architectural landmark of Bangkok

architectural landmarkBangkok is back on the world map. MahaNakorn, the newly announced mega development project will be taking in the heart of Bangkok’s financial district. Shortly after Pace announced Saladang Residence project. Today, PACE Development has joined forces with one of Israel’s largest developers, Fishman Group subsidiary IBC, to develop a major new mixed-use project in Bangkok’s central business district at a cost of Bt14 billion.

The tower when completed, will become the city’s most exclusive address, and will house the legendary The Ritz-Carlton Residences, The Bangkok Edition Hotel. And grad A offices spaces and high end lifestyle retail stores. As part of the mixed-use MahaNakhon development.

architectural landmark

architectural landmarkMahaNakhon is 77-story tower. At a planned 1,017 feet, it will be the tallest structure in Bangkok. NahaNakorn is projected to complete in 4 years. There will be a lot happening and we have to wait and see that the project be as promising or just another project that will be put on hold or downsize according to the economic climate.

architectural landmarkFacts and Figures

Developer: Joint Venture: PACE Development Co., Ltd. and Industrial Buildings Corporation Public Company Ltd.

Location: Narathiwas Ratchanakarin Road, between Silom and Sathorn Roads, Bangkok, Thailand

Type of development: Mixed-use including Residences Hotel and Retail

Residences brand: Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok

Hotel brand: Bangkok Edition Hotel by Ian Schrager (operated by Marriott International)

Lifestyle retail center: Ultra luxury lifestyle retail center (area: approx. 10,000 sq.m.)

Project area: Approx. 9 rai (14,950 sq. m.)

Total project GFA: Approx. 150,000 sq.m. (16 Mil sq.f.)

Residential saleable area: Approx. 60% of total project GFA (with 20% for hotel and 20% for retail center)

Total project value: 18 billion THB (US$ 515 million)

Total project investment: 14 billion THB (US$ 400 million)

Total target equity investment: 5 billion THB (US$ 143 million)(current equity already invested at 2.15 billion Thb)

Residential average price: 250,000 THB per sq.m. (US$ 7,100 per sq.m.)

No. of residential unit: Approx. 200 units

Unit types:> 2 – 5 bedrooms

Residential presale period: June 2009

Construction commencement: Q3 2009

Residential show unit opening: Q4 2009

Retail center completion: December 2011

Hotel completion: December 2012

Residence completion: December 2013

Official MahaNakhon Website


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Singapore news, economic outlook dependent on external economies

After Stock market are rise up around asia Channel news Asia report Singapore's economic outlook is still dependent on other major economies like the US and Europe.

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said

"Although we had a good second quarter - the second quarter of 2009 was a quarter with much better GDP growth compared to the previous two quarters where we saw a very deep contraction - the outlook for the future is basically determined by the US, Europe and the rest of Asia."

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Nortel "4G" global bidding war

Nortel_companyFirst of this year telecommunication company of Canada name is Nortel have a financial problem going to bankrupt. They have an offer to buy wireless network division of Nortel in June by Nokia Siemens Networks and it seem like it is end.

But, Many company need it too because Nortel is the owner of LTE technology (Long Term Evolution: some prople respect it to be a 4G ). MatlinPatterson Global Advisers LLC offer 725 Billion Dollar, Ericsson offer abit more at 730 Billion Dollar and 1,100 Billion Dollar offer by RIM (BlackBerry) it's shocked IT world by that highest offer.

However by some limit of law have an effect on RIM can't submit a tender. Anyway RIM CEO still interested on Nortel and they still call government for it to help Canadian company in this case. But Government of Canada have reject.

The auction will happen today (friday 24 2009).

Refference : Globe Investor


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton when she was Asian Summit

This is video from an interview of Secretary Clinton. She did for The Nation
Hillary clinton speech "politics is as spicy as Thai food"

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The United States is back in Southeast Asia : Hillary Clinton speech

Secretary Clinton Press Availability at ASEAN Summit: July 2009
Slick here to watch video

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good afternoon. Let me begin by saying how delighted I am to be here in Phuket for meetings with the nations of ASEAN and its partners throughout the region. This visit to the ASEAN Regional Forum follows my February trip to Jakarta and my visit to the ASEAN secretariat, where I stressed America’s commitment to strengthen our presence and engagement in this region. I said then that I would attend this ministerial, and that we would begin the process of accession to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, and that we will build a deeper and more dynamic partnership with ASEAN.

And that is why I am here today. The United States is back in Southeast Asia. President Obama and I believe that this region is vital to global progress, peace, and prosperity, and we are fully engaged with our ASEAN partners on the wide range of challenges confronting us, from regional and global security to the economic crisis to human rights and climate change.

After this, I will have the honor of signing, on behalf of the United States, the Instrument of Accession to the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation. This treaty seals our commitment to work in partnership with the nations of ASEAN to advance the interests and values we share.

I am also proud to announce that the United States intends to open a U.S. mission to ASEAN headed by an ambassador in Jakarta in the very near future. I have instructed my staff to begin consultations with the ASEAN secretariat, the Indonesian Government, and the United States Congress on the steps needed to open such a mission. As a first step, we will shortly assign an experienced diplomat to Jakarta to work with ASEAN on this effort.

Tomorrow, I will host the first ever ministerial meeting between the United States and the countries of the Lower Mekong – Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand – to discuss our shared interests and our emerging partnership on issues related to water, health, and the environment.

I would also like to announce the Obama Administration’s commitment to deepen our engagement in Asia on the critical issue of climate change. We have asked the United States Congress for a seven-fold increase in our USAID climate change funding for this region. And we are planning to launch a new regional climate change initiative to support cutting-edge research and scale up investments in innovative climate change and development solutions in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. We will ask for a high-level dialogue on climate change within ASEAN so that together, we can help the world confront the threat of a warming planet and a transition to a clean energy future.

These steps are important because Southeast Asia and ASEAN are critically important to our future. ASEAN’s ten members host nearly 600 million people, including two of our treaty allies and the world’s third-largest democracy, which just completed very successful elections in Indonesia. The region is our sixth-largest export market, hosts more U.S. business investment than China, and straddles critically important shipping lanes.

So ASEAN is a region of great diversity where people of different backgrounds, religions, and every other diversity of the human experience are working to build a community. Just this week, ASEAN agreed on the outlines of a human rights body that can help promote the values we share with many of ASEAN’s member countries, and hopefully contribute to positive change in Burma.

On a personal note, let me say how shocked and saddened I was by the vicious terrorist attacks in Indonesia last week. We stand by Indonesia in these difficult times and we celebrate their successful election and the vibrancy of their democracy. The Obama Administration is proud to embark on a sustained, comprehensive partnership with Indonesia. And it will span all aspects of our relationship – diplomatic, political, strategic, cultural and so much else. I am convinced this partnership will yield very positive results.

So these are all important steps that the United States wants to take with our ASEAN partners, and to encourage ASEAN as it moves down the path it has set for itself. I also wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my meetings with the foreign ministers of our partners in the Six-Party process. We discussed the need for a vigorous, unified, and transparent implementation of Security Council Resolution 1874. We consulted on the steps that we are taking individually and the actions that we can take in concert to enforce the financial measures, the arms embargo, the inspection provisions, and other elements in the resolution.

All four of the other foreign ministers agreed that full implementation is important to demonstrate unanimity and resolve in the face of North Korean provocations, and to make clear that complete and irreversible denuclearization is the only viable path for North Korea. We do not intend to reward North Korea just for returning to the table, nor do we intend to reward them for actions they have already committed to taking and then reneged on. The path is open to them, and it is up to them to follow it. Unless and until they do, they will face international isolation and the unrelenting pressure of global sanctions.

Thank you all very much.

: The Secretary will take a few questions. The first question will be from (inaudible) from Yonhap.

QUESTION: Thank you for your remarks, Madame Secretary. I’m (inaudible) from Yonhap News, a newswire of Korea. Actually, I have two questions regarding comprehensive package for – it’s a package for North Korea. First, could you give us more details or – I mean, more concrete items – just a couple of – to be included in those package? And the second one is, if North Korea, Pyongyang, will not accept those package deals, then what’s going to happen? I mean, what are you going to do for the process of denuclearizing North Korea?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Excellent questions. First, let me emphasize that the United States, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea are all united on our approach. We share a common goal of ending the nuclear weapons program and the nuclear program in North Korea so that we can have a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. We have made it very clear to the North Koreans that if they will agree to irreversible denuclearization, that the United States, as well as our partners, will move forward on a package of incentives and opportunities, including normalizing relations that will give the people of North Korea a better future.

It is tragic to look at what happens to the people in North Korea. They, as you know so well, don’t have enough to eat, they don’t have the opportunities that they deserve to have. So we are very clear that we are willing to discuss the future with North Korea, but only if they agree to the denuclearization. Our policies among the five of us are aimed at avoiding conflict and instability in the region, and I think we are pursuing, in this united front, a very positive approach that we hope the North Koreans will respond to.

MR. KELLY: Next question, Mark Landler from New York Times.

QUESTION: Madame Secretary, picking up on what you just said, and knowing that you’ve just emerged from these meetings with four foreign ministers, I’d like to ask you a little more about the concrete, irreversible steps that you refer to. Have you reached an understanding and agreement with China, Japan, Russia, South Korea about the nature of these steps? And would you be able to tell us a little about what they might include, whether it be the disablement of the Yongbyon plant, surrender of plutonium stockpiles, or other similar measures? Thank you.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Mark, our goal is to have what we call irreversible denuclearization. So the points you just made are part of achieving that goal.

We know that North Korea made commitments in 2006 which they did not fully comply with. We do not want to be in another negotiation that doesn’t move us toward the goal of denuclearization. So we want verifiable, irreversible steps taken. And the technical experts will provide us with the details as to everything that must be done. But the net result is that North Korea will commit itself and eliminate its capacity to do anything other than have a denuclearized future.

We know that this is difficult, and we understand the challenges we face. But I think it’s remarkable that the five of us are not only committed to the goal, but talking very specifically about what needs to be presented to achieve that goal. And the United Nations Security Council resolution, which was unanimously supported by all of us, is being implemented vigorously by all of us.

So I think we are on a very strong position in dealing with the North Koreans, and now we wait to hear whether they are willing to respond positively.

MR. KELLY: Next question, we’ll call on (inaudible).

QUESTION: Madame Secretary –


QUESTION: Madame Secretary, today you suggested that the United States would offer a defense umbrella to your allies in the Gulf to protect them against the threat of a nuclear Iran. We were wondering whether you could flesh out exactly what you mean by this; a missile shield, a nuclear umbrella? And what concrete steps have you already taken or are planning to take to that effect?

: Well, I am not suggesting any new policy. In fact, we all believe that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, and I’ve said that many times, as you have heard. I was simply pointing out that Iran needs to understand that its pursuit of nuclear weapons will not advance its security or achieve its goals of enhancing its power, both regionally and globally.

For example, as the President and I have both said, the focus that Iran must have is that it faces the prospect, if it pursues nuclear weapons, of sparking an arms race in the region. That should affect the calculation of what Iran intends to do and what it believes is in its national security interest, because it may render Iran less secure, not more secure.

Now Iran has both rights and responsibilities. As I said in a speech I gave last week and as our Administration has said repeatedly, Iran has a right to the development of peaceful, civil nuclear power. And there are a number of ways that we have discussed with various countries as to how we could achieve that. This has been part of the discussion in the P-5+1; I have spoken about it with my counterparts on numerous occasions. So the prospect of peaceful civil nuclear power is there for Iran if indeed that is its purpose. But the world community is united in a rejection of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. And we want to point out that it may not actually deliver the positioning and enhanced power that Iran believes it could.

: Last question from (inaudible).

QUESTION: Hello. Do you think that the ASEAN should kick out Burmese Government from the regional organization – ASEAN membership? And do you – don’t you have any idea to talk to Burmese Government directly? Because you have a opportunity to talk to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam tomorrow. Thank you.

SECRETARY CLINTON: ASEAN and the ASEAN countries are moving in a very positive direction. The increased emphasis on human rights that ASEAN is committed to exploring is very welcome.

Burma is moving in the opposite direction of the other ASEAN countries. And we have been very clear in stating that the United States would like to see changes in the behavior of the regime in Burma, and we think other countries in the region would as well.

I spoke at length yesterday in Bangkok about the concerns that are being expressed about cooperation between North Korea and Burma in the pursuit of offensive weapons, perhaps even including nuclear weapons at some point. So there are lots of issues that Burma raises for the entire region, not just the United States.

I think it’s important to encourage the Burmese leadership to begin to open up, to pursue the model that other ASEAN countries are following. And we have called for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, which we believe is very important. It’s so critical that she be released from this persecution that she has been under. And if she were released, that would open up opportunities, at least for my country, to expand our relationship with Burma, including investments in Burma. But it is up to the Burmese leadership.

And we can only hope that perhaps in the conversations that are occurring between many other countries and representatives of Burma here today, there will be progress in persuading the Burmese leadership to change direction. So it is a matter of obvious interest and concern to the United States, but we have to see some evidence that Burma is willing to make these changes and take these actions.

And with respect to ASEAN and what ASEAN might do with Burma, that is, of course, up to ASEAN itself. But we should stay focused on trying to convince the Burmese leadership that they have a better future by moving away from isolation and treating their own people better and giving their people a chance to have a true election next year that will help to chart a new course for the people of Burma.

Thank you all very much.

All article is copy from original you can read the original at Press Availability at the ASEAN Summit

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From Thailand Asian Summit 2009

From Phuket meeting Hillary Clinton demands denuclearisation of N.Korea.

"We do not intend to reward North Korea just for returning to the table, nor do we intend to reward them for actions they have already committed to taking and then reneged on," This is some part of her speech.

You can read more detail at

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ASEAN Summit Kicks Off

NTDTV report about Asean meeting kicks off in Phuket Thailand.


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News update about Cambodia stock exchange

I search about any update of Cambodia stock exchange because I heard about it for longtime and it always reject by government. The latest news they had scheduled to open the Cambodian stock exchange in 2010. I hope this is useful information for someone who looking forward to invest in Cambodia.

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New born Business Baby - Investing Cambodia

Cambodia InvestIf you imagine about the place where is like pass 20 Year of Bangkok or pass 40 Year of London.This is it. Cambodia is the place like that every thing is just start yesterday property, telecommunications, transportation, foods, fashions, hospitality business, everything is just start Cambodia is just pass fighting state, In the city I saw solider carry gun severals time this country is not self like developed country it's small city but anyway it like newborn baby. I saw the building construct around the Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia it's small size if compare with Hong Kong or Beijing. It borders Thailand to the north and west, Laos to the northeast, and Vietnam to the east and southeast.

Cambodia is govern by Hun Sen Prime Minister since 14 January 1985 until now it has slowly grew up but it can be more developing and growing. I have seen a alot of cell phone service provider it every where in town. Now we can see shopping mall, Hotel, western restaurant and night club. I saw the tallest building in Phnom Penh it around 25 floor I guess. Cambodian have a difference quality of life most of people have a simple life and they are working class and middle class. Then use two monetary US Dollar and Cambodian Riel. Per capita income is rapidly increasing, but is low compared with other countries in the region. The tourism industry is the country's second-greatest source after the textile industry is most popular business invest in Cambodia but tourism industry is highly popular in the future.

For Investment in Cambodia I prefer only four requisites and something everyday use. This country is far from fashion and luxurious thing. Every idea you have to thank about it is really important for life and make it in better quality is the solution. Anyway this is exciting city, It has alot of opportunity for Invest in Cambodia.


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GM sell car on eBay

General Motors Corp will auctioning new cars on eBay In the future you can Bid or "Buy It now" lets see how this pair of partnership make something happen to the e-commerce solution.

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Don't Panic stay cool and invest

In the market we have seen price is change all the time you can see when you look closely in each quarter in a year when turnover report is show many time the price of it are rise up or some time it lower than it should. It remind to think about the risk on the price when it change isn't refer to their turnover so what else can control it.

"Stock market" Is the controller. News and trust of overall market make the people buy it when they trust and sell when they panic or think about blur future of the market wish isn't look at the overall and company earning in year and when crowned do the same you can see the power of panic sell that crowd can make stock graph extremely change by It is not refer with what company doing that is how index is give direction and effect to each stock.

Most of the investor around stock market is kind of that crowd in common they estimate to moving of the graph by news in that period of time some time they guess right graph movement but many time they wrong.

"VI" is abbreviation of Value Investor under this thought VI will not trust the news and tendency perspective but Value Investor will analyze on business profits of each company and concentrate in each quarter profit and draw a comparison between all index and P/E ratio(price-to-earnings ratio) it's measure of the price paid for a share relative to the annual net income or profit earned by the firm per share and EPS (Earnings per share).

This concept have demonstrate by great man of Value Investor like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. they recommended to by stock when it have enough "margin of safety" which makes it suitable for investment and sell it when it over value this concept is make not risk for sure because you buy it at no risk time when it under "true" value because the price is change my "Market" not from it self sometime we see option price have going down more than it should example" Index is falling down -30% company profit just -10% but stock option price is -30% same as Index that you can buy this stock in discount price and at lease one day when Index is up to same level you can have capital gain from margin of margin of safety you have got and just earn money from dividend yield.

You can read relate article : How to Make no Risk In Stock Market


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10 book added to our book store

I found few book wish is good for investor and manager relate and I already listed for you. So you can buy it at the book shop near you or the fastest way you can get it in our books store at the bottom.
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  • The Big Switch
    Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google

    By Nicholas Carr

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  • Are You a Stock or a Bond?
    Create Your Own Pension Plan for a Secure Financial Future

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    Why How We Do Anything Means Business (and in Life)

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  • Outliers
    The Story of Success

    By Malcolm Gladwell

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  • Fight Foreclosure!
    How to Cope with a Mortgage You Can't Pay, Negotiate with Your Bank, and Save Your Home

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  • Lords of Finance
    The Bankers Who Broke the World

    By Liaquat Ahamed

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  • Now
    Discover Your Strengths

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  • The Great Depression Ahead
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  • The Great Depression Ahead
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  • The Ascent of Money
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  • The Ascent of Money
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    Rauters report the list of U.S. BANK FAILURES IN 2009 and that bringing the FDIC fund's total cost for failed banks to $US12.3 billion this year to survive from bankrupt only Large financial institutions have been helped with USA government bailouts, but smaller regional and local banks are continue to struggle from lose money. Eight us bank locations failures is in Illinois. FDIC estimated the cost to its insurance fund at between $120
    million and $145 million.

    To compare how strong and reserve money of U.S. bank and Asia Bank such as Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand the investor see what is defensive measure and how they strong, we can see the graph of each country in Asia have increased in pass three month.

    Reference :
    Rauters : FACTBOX-U.S. bank failures in 2009


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    ASI report is back

    Very long time I haven't update this web since January 18. In that time the global economic fall down and it seem like no one can see end point of the crisis but nowadays third quarter of the year every seem to be better even thought it isn't all sector but stock market react it. Normally market will react fist when people believe, since April the money is back to the system by funds.

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