Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to Make no Risk In Stock Market

Most of people be uncertain to push money in to Stock Market most of people has an idea about market are risk and you have to except that risk when you're start to invest.

Really is you can meet tension, risk when you have know nothing about market or the company many people buy the stock from popular some just like in their business but in the right way it more more than that it more than as you think.
You should not except any tension any risk, you have to think same as when you buy some thing in supermarket.

Make no tension to buy stock is.

  • Do you really want to own that stock and Invest your money in their business?

    If, yes must know every story and well know about the detail of company

  • Buy in low-price sell when it get over value

    everyone know but not much people can

  • You like Value Stock

    A stock that tends to trade at a lower price relative to it's fundamental

  • Just 30time in your life to Invest

    Warren Buffet concept you have to pretend not over 30 time you can Buy stock. This Insinuate is like you have 30 coupon for inveest and you must spend it when it worthwhile period. Think more about it and use the coupon only in special period.

  • Concern over disadvantage as same as you think about benefit

    Most of loss Investor are think in the bright side and see only how the profit come. But they're not concern in the bad side and possibility of damage. They just think about how to get alot money but don't know how to prevent their money

    make your choice +5$ / -0$ or +10$ / -10$ Definitely not take a risk is first choice.

  • 24Hr

    Think again when you decide to buy 24Hr before you will be purchase the stock (less profit is alot better than lose money)

Defensive your safe from injured (if it happen)

Even though the world hit the financial crisis or more dangerous This method is prevention when you loss you money or your stock is down you will not get pain.

  • This is not to be difficult to allotment money from everyday use

  • The money for investment is not your everyday use, Money should come from your Saving I'll call it Cold Money

  • Not make debt, Do not make margin trade ( Buying on margin is borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock )

  • It could be great if it is money from your part time job unearned income or annual bonus

Keep in Mind If you Make no risk to purchase the stock it will not injured.


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