Thursday, January 1, 2009

Asia in 2008-2009

firework asia2008 passed with the celebrate greeting to the new year 2009.
Asia celebration was fireworks show in Beijing, Bangkok, Pattaya, Singapore, And other capital city in Asia.
It is good to paint the smile on the face the happiness is come to the world (at lease for this period) the 2009 is coming with hopeful and expectation of the investor of the business growth in 2009.

Still decline
Many report about the business world in 2008 to 2009 most of them report how long it will low how many it will be bad.
This is some up to date story

Lowest point in 28 years of Manufacturing

Signs grew that the economy could turn even weaker in 2009, as an index of December manufacturing activity sank to its lowest point in 28 years. Every corner of the sector was down, from bakeries to cigarette-makers to aluminum smelters.

Many people earn big buck they prove the crisis
Some millionaire gain big buck indicate to the world if you are bring up to date
business model and make it work Asia is land of opportunity for you.

LORD Paul collected an award for his Lifetime Achievement in the business world, at the glamorous Asian Business Awards. Lord Paul praised his family for their support and Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his handling of the economy, during an acceptance speech. Son Angad collected the Business of the Year prize for family firm Caparo. The black-tie ceremony at Wembley Stadium, on November 19, coincided with the publication of Eastern Eye’s Asian Rich List. It showed that Lord Paul was the new richest Asian in the country, with a valuation of £1.5 billion. The Jatanias were second, with a worth of £1billion. Dragons’ Den panelist James Caan was the Entrepreneur of the Year; Geetie Singh, of The Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub, was the Businesswoman of the Year; and Imran Hakim, of iTeddy fame, was named the Newcomer of the Year, at the ceremony. Kamel Hothi, director of Asian market for Lloyds TSB, claimed an award for her services to the community. Raghav and Hope entertained the 800-strong audience.

Yes everything up or down is up to your vision
February Harvard Business School host the Interesting Conference topic I think you should not miss.

  • Asia Business Conference 2009 at Harvard Business School
    February 14-15, 2009
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Takatoshi Kato
    , Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, and Former Vice Minister of Finance of Japan.

  • Jeffrey Shafer, Vice Chairman of Citigroup, and Former Undersecretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs under President Clinton.

  • Xiang Junbo, President of the Agricultural Bank of China, and Former Deputy Govenor of the People's Bank of China.

  • From expectation of the investor are look closely to the crisis movement they don't know how long to will happen and when it will be better. Therefore you should bookmark this website and I will report usefulness to you.

    Happy New year
    Stay calm Stay invest.

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