Saturday, January 17, 2009

Book Review : Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

"A must-read for all disciples of value investing. In 1934, Graham and Dodd created fundamental security analysis. Greenwald reinforces the worth of this approach, incorporates new advances, and takes their work into the twenty-first century."

–Mario J. Gabelli, Chairman, Gabelli Asset Management, Inc.

This Book is recommended for every serious investor’s shelf, Benjamin Graham he is trust and he make new rule of investing analytics among the market is full of speculate and short day trader.
Value investing is an investment paradigm that derives from the ideas on investment and speculation that Ben Graham & David Dodd began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928

Graham is not just bring the reason to the investor and he has implant Value Investing into Security Analysis and world stock market.

finding an outstanding company at a sensible price

This concept had taking by American investor name is Warren Buffett He was ranked by Forbes as the richest man in the world during the first half of 2008 and One of his influential mentors is Benjamin Graham.

You can learn to investing the value stock in the Value Investing way and this book is inform the reader about
how to make no risk in market

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-Published on: 2004-01-26
-Original language: English
-Binding: Paperback
-320 pages

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ssangyong Motor Korea Auto Company running out of time

Ssangyong Car KoreaWe here the name Ssangyong many time in last week in the news, That remind us to the crisis of Automaker in Asia wost than we was think not just sale drop or side way quiet period but this is can be a started bankruptcy of Automotive Industry in Asia.

"We were running out of time as we discussed what we could do to avoid going bankrupt and deal with the acute cash flow crisis," Choi Sang Jin, Ssangyong's executive in charge of corporate planning, said by telephone Friday.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation or SAIC is Chinese company partnered with General Motors and Volkswagen Group 70% of MG Rover Group and also 51% of SsangYong Motor Company in South Korea's.

Ssangyong is the smallest of the five automakers in South Korea. Company has fallen into a financial crisis amid slow auto sales and a dearth of operating funds from its parent, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.
In 2008, Ssangyong, which has a production capacity of 200,000 vehicles a year, sold 3,835 vehicles, down 63 percent from a year ago, Korea Investors Service Inc., a local credit risk appraiser, downgraded its rating for Ssangyong's long-term debt to junk bond status

The Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association has forecast that domestic sales by local automakers will drop 8.7 percent next year to 1.05 million units, the lowest since the financial crisis in 1998.
This is could be a big problem of Ssangyong Motor, We have to keep one's eye on Ssangyong and SAIC which way they will use to slove the problem of liquidity crisis. because they needed 600 billion won, or $451 million, in new financing to stay in business, according to Korea Development Bank.

This is hard time for Ssangyong to sustain the compamy in this crisis you can read alot of news reporter around internet.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Middle East on Fire Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel

The worst situation in the middle east between Lebanon and Israel, The missile from Unknown group in Lebanon launches three Katyusha type rockets were fired at the northern Israeli city of Nahariyya from Lebanon and two Israeli civilians were injured and Israel return fire at the launch site.

Watch the Video from Lebanon hit by the Missile

The violence rise up
Israeli aircraft attacked more than 50 targets in Gaza on Friday believed to be terrorist sites, according to the Israel Defense Forces.
read more CNN

Asia watching the world gone violence, war and financial are both make it worse.
We're lucky in asia had less conflict between each country. That mean the the factor effect to the Asia business is less than Middle East.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stagflation goes Asia

The Movement of American business has been interesting and prople around the globe are watching. Since 2550 the apprehensive has increaseing people think it will over in a year but no.

Stagflation has mention and dispute and the crisis has spread around the globe in middle of 2008.
Stagflation is combine 2 of two words is stagnation and inflation (stagflation = stagnation + inflation), We satrt to see the Stagflation in USA since high price of agriculture goods, Oil, US Dollar is weaken and Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

Situration of Stagflation is uncommon and hard to explane by economics. When economics expand (Less Unemployment) Inflation is arise, When economics slow down (More Unemployment) Inflation is less.But in situration of stagflation it not go by the pattern the Inflation and Unemployment is in opposite directions.

Stagflation is situration of supply shock that make the effect to goods demand will getting lower extreme fast.

First time in 1970 In the pass stagflation was bring big damage to USA inflation is high to 12% unemployment 9%
Now Stagflation warning as stagflation goes global Stock markets have already fallen sharply in China, India, and Vietnam as the authorities rein in credit.

Stagflation is happen in Asia now.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to Make no Risk In Stock Market

Most of people be uncertain to push money in to Stock Market most of people has an idea about market are risk and you have to except that risk when you're start to invest.

Really is you can meet tension, risk when you have know nothing about market or the company many people buy the stock from popular some just like in their business but in the right way it more more than that it more than as you think.
You should not except any tension any risk, you have to think same as when you buy some thing in supermarket.

Make no tension to buy stock is.

  • Do you really want to own that stock and Invest your money in their business?

    If, yes must know every story and well know about the detail of company

  • Buy in low-price sell when it get over value

    everyone know but not much people can

  • You like Value Stock

    A stock that tends to trade at a lower price relative to it's fundamental

  • Just 30time in your life to Invest

    Warren Buffet concept you have to pretend not over 30 time you can Buy stock. This Insinuate is like you have 30 coupon for inveest and you must spend it when it worthwhile period. Think more about it and use the coupon only in special period.

  • Concern over disadvantage as same as you think about benefit

    Most of loss Investor are think in the bright side and see only how the profit come. But they're not concern in the bad side and possibility of damage. They just think about how to get alot money but don't know how to prevent their money

    make your choice +5$ / -0$ or +10$ / -10$ Definitely not take a risk is first choice.

  • 24Hr

    Think again when you decide to buy 24Hr before you will be purchase the stock (less profit is alot better than lose money)

Defensive your safe from injured (if it happen)

Even though the world hit the financial crisis or more dangerous This method is prevention when you loss you money or your stock is down you will not get pain.

  • This is not to be difficult to allotment money from everyday use

  • The money for investment is not your everyday use, Money should come from your Saving I'll call it Cold Money

  • Not make debt, Do not make margin trade ( Buying on margin is borrowing money from a broker to purchase stock )

  • It could be great if it is money from your part time job unearned income or annual bonus

Keep in Mind If you Make no risk to purchase the stock it will not injured.


Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Asia Stock markets start

Asia Stock marketGreat Start of Asia Stock market world can see the balance and what happen with DOW and Asia.
World stock markets rallied strongly Friday on the first trading day of 2009, market in Asia is open before in Europe or America. Hong Kong's benchmark up more than 2 percent, as shares in commodities and telecom companies advanced.

Wednesday in New York, Wall Street finished its last trading day in 2008 with a modest gain.
The Dow rose 108.00, or 1.3 percent, to 8,776.39, and the Standard & Poor's 500 index gained 12.61, or 1.4 percent, to 903.25.

Important thing to effect Asia Business in 2009

  • Foreign Policy of Barack Obama
  • Abhisit Vejjajiva, Number 44 of Thai Prime Minister
  • Automotive maker & Car Production Company
  • Kim Jong-il, the leader of North Korea
  • Effect of financial crisis in USA
  • World Mutual Funds turnover
  • USA Bank turnover
  • Gold Price
  • Oil Price
  • Global Warming
  • disaster
  • terrorize

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  • Thursday, January 1, 2009

    Asia in 2008-2009

    firework asia2008 passed with the celebrate greeting to the new year 2009.
    Asia celebration was fireworks show in Beijing, Bangkok, Pattaya, Singapore, And other capital city in Asia.
    It is good to paint the smile on the face the happiness is come to the world (at lease for this period) the 2009 is coming with hopeful and expectation of the investor of the business growth in 2009.

    Still decline
    Many report about the business world in 2008 to 2009 most of them report how long it will low how many it will be bad.
    This is some up to date story

    Lowest point in 28 years of Manufacturing

    Signs grew that the economy could turn even weaker in 2009, as an index of December manufacturing activity sank to its lowest point in 28 years. Every corner of the sector was down, from bakeries to cigarette-makers to aluminum smelters.

    Many people earn big buck they prove the crisis
    Some millionaire gain big buck indicate to the world if you are bring up to date
    business model and make it work Asia is land of opportunity for you.

    LORD Paul collected an award for his Lifetime Achievement in the business world, at the glamorous Asian Business Awards. Lord Paul praised his family for their support and Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his handling of the economy, during an acceptance speech. Son Angad collected the Business of the Year prize for family firm Caparo. The black-tie ceremony at Wembley Stadium, on November 19, coincided with the publication of Eastern Eye’s Asian Rich List. It showed that Lord Paul was the new richest Asian in the country, with a valuation of £1.5 billion. The Jatanias were second, with a worth of £1billion. Dragons’ Den panelist James Caan was the Entrepreneur of the Year; Geetie Singh, of The Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub, was the Businesswoman of the Year; and Imran Hakim, of iTeddy fame, was named the Newcomer of the Year, at the ceremony. Kamel Hothi, director of Asian market for Lloyds TSB, claimed an award for her services to the community. Raghav and Hope entertained the 800-strong audience.

    Yes everything up or down is up to your vision
    February Harvard Business School host the Interesting Conference topic I think you should not miss.

  • Asia Business Conference 2009 at Harvard Business School
    February 14-15, 2009
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Takatoshi Kato
    , Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, and Former Vice Minister of Finance of Japan.

  • Jeffrey Shafer, Vice Chairman of Citigroup, and Former Undersecretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs under President Clinton.

  • Xiang Junbo, President of the Agricultural Bank of China, and Former Deputy Govenor of the People's Bank of China.

  • From expectation of the investor are look closely to the crisis movement they don't know how long to will happen and when it will be better. Therefore you should bookmark this website and I will report usefulness to you.

    Happy New year
    Stay calm Stay invest.

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