Monday, March 1, 2010

World of Inflation

Today saving balk account is not a right choice exactly you look the inflation rate today and compare with bank financial interests like 1% you imagined you keep 10,000USD in saving account you will earn 1% in the future but the world of inflation is rise almost 5% a year.

This article will guide you alternative way about growth your money which way you choose between keep your money in bank or let you money earn profit in stock market

Inflation mean simple you can buy thing with 10,000$ today but next year maybe you must buy thing in 10,500$ it's higher price but you just have earn 100$ from your 10,000$ in saving bank if inflation still 5% every year for 3 year it mean your save money is decreed 12% is this fair? but most of people are choose to keep money with bank.

If you find some stock that can make profit 5-7% from dividend annual that mean it is profit 4% annual with inflation including.
Your investing is a right way in stock market or in bank if you not need to reduce your money 5% a year it not difference you buy a stock like P/E 100 without growth even it is no risk it shouldn't have P/E 100 right ??

choose the right invest to get more profit for your future.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Be Value Investor and make high return

Value investing is an investment paradigm that derives from the ideas of Ben Graham & David Dodd began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928 and it become to be well-known by Warren Buffett.
Value Investing is a powerful strategy to rise your profit by some investors to buy quality stock at what is believed to be a discounted price.

This is easy seven step to guide you what is Value investor idea

Easy seven step to take profits from Value Investor concept

  1. Buy stock in profitable companies that are undervalued.

  2. Find stocks with low price to earnings or P/E ratios.

  3. Buy stock in companies that have a high net profits.

  4. Always look at the company you really do understand what they do.

  5. Look at the company which is understand easily.

  6. Always look for the growth capability company.

  7. When you feel a stock you own has become overvalued, sell it and look for another undervalued stock to buy and use all 6 step above again.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Have less money can invest ?


Investment in Exchange armed not to have more money. Many people may think that the investors packet as it's only millionaire. Indeed anyone can be investors whether you're a student or business.

Warren Buffett one of the most successful investors in history and in 2008 was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of approximately $62 billion. When he was young Buffett and a friend spent $25 to purchase a used pinball machine, which they placed in a barber shop. Within months, they owned three machines in different locations.

Warren Buffet recommend that investors should start at young age. That is to cultivate knowledge and experience to best. The investor is not the amount but should be a person who has the discipline and willingness to invest with target. If you are inexperienced investors you could have a little surprise that 18,000$ if you bring money to invest. In a 15% annual returns over time to 20 years, the amount will increase to 300,000$ is not what difficult but is not too easy. But targeting clearly we can strategies available to carefully to return as expected.

If you save with the bank 20,000$, you may share part of 5000$ to try investment in 3-year review that amount over 5,000 returns you very much.

Starting with the amount invested less any one of the advantages is flexibility because when you invest money through the Stock Exchange. Some stock may not have much liquidity. When a money play you can move in or move out faster than big number.

Next time I will talk about why we should investors in Asia stock. You can subscribe button at the top it will tell you automatically when the site is updated or click here


Friday, January 22, 2010

Goldman Sachs pointed Vietnam grow 8.2% in 2010

Vietnam Economics Grow
Vietnam National Convention Center

Latest reports announced late last month of investment bank Goldman Sachs reiterated that the Vietnamese economy is recovering Although still difficult and unfortunate that may be subject. Year 2010 GDP growth could be 8.2 percent and the year 2011 could be 7.8 percent.

This level is expected to grow at high Historically, most of those international organizations. As Goldman Sachs said Recovery will be sent to Vietnam is increasing domestic demand, "depending on the policy and financial incentive programs lenient".

In quarter 3 of year 2009 GDP growth of 5.2 percent of Vietnam compared to the same period last year. Approximately equal to the average growth level of 5.3 percent of Asian Except Japan. Retail recover the equivalent of 2007 Reports also confirm that.

Monetary policy also helped lessen the level of strong investment growth. GS data illustrates that the level of government investment in the 3 quarter of 2009 increased 24 years, 800 million million of the more important source of private investment and increased signs of recovery are clear.

Comments on fiscal policy, Goldman Sachs said however policy is currently ongoing to year 2010 budget deficit ratio of GDP compared to Vietnam next year will not increase expectations that the budget deficit this year, Vietnam's minimum. will be at 9 percent.

As the Goldman Sachs report. Information economy in the 3 quarter of the year 2009 is the basis for expected growth of GDP in 2010 of Vietnam will increase at 8.2 percent level, however, Vietnam will face obstacles and inflation situation of deficit balance of debt.

Goldman Sachs, however, still believe that. Vietnam has sufficient potential for management control of this misadventure.

Source: Indo-China Education Center.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bank of China announced a 0.5% increase in cash reserves, falling Asian stock exchanges

china bank
Bank of China Headquarters, Beijing, China.

Foreign news agencies reported on 16 January that the stock market trading conditions in Asia that a side reaction of almost every country from January Effect (anomaly in the financial market where financial security prices increase in the month of January). Since the market closed in the first week to two weeks to continue. Stock Exchange, led by China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. The Thai stock index minus a little of the concerns of the red shirt demonstrators.

Thai red shirt demonstrators

Reaction has been driven by the capital flow back again. Total full year from the year 2552 with funds flow back into Asia, excluding Japan, U.S. $ 19 billion or about 6.46 billion baht, up around 20%, while capital inflows Stock Exchange of Thailand U.S. $ 1,141 million or approximately 3.8 billion million baht, the analysts continue to evaluate that. Potential capital inflows Asia remains high And continued again this year.

However, Asian stock exchanges fall on since Bank of China announced the same increase in cash. Or as liquid assets of commercial banks in China, another 0.5% to 16% by the effect on 18 January announced that moderate intensity faster than economists expected. China central bank may wait until April, the month the central bank could increase interest rates to follow in the next few months. These measurements occur simultaneously. With asset price control measures to prevent the condition in different bubble. Real estate business. And the masses of the lending banks. Have expected that. This announcement will result in payment by the yuan rise in claims and called pressure from those countries as partners in the U.S. and Europe.



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